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한국어 Lesson 3

Was too tired last weekend to post anything about the lesson. I just came home after lesson 2 and slept all the way till midnight. Oh well, there wasn’t anything of interest, just complicated vowels, which I’m still scratching my head over.

Moving on. Lesson 3. Things are starting to get interesting. We got into the final (hopefully) part of the Korean ‘alphabet’, Batchim, or Final Consonants.

Most of the lesson was fine, especially if you can read all the consonants and vowels put together.  The confusing part was when words ended with 2 batchim, and then there was the linking of words.

I liked that part about linking of words. It kind of makes you sound very Korean when you start linking Korean words up together 🙂

Moving forward a bit in the textbook, it seems that at the end of 10 lessons, I’ll only be able to read and write and listen after a very basic fashion. Mdm Jang, the teacher, also confirmed that we’ll only learn how to speak in sentences, and even count in numbers (both traditional and Sino-Korean), if we sign up for Elementary 2.

I wonder if I’ll ever be able to read Korean as fast as MC Mong can do it .


korean geek?

nicthegeek is going Korean! the kimchi kraze has been going for a long time now, so nicthegeek had the first korean lesson today!  ^_^

nothing great, just 10 lessons at the local community centre. my son saeng nim is Mdm Jang, and she’s a pretty interesting teacher, keeps the teaching lively.

So today was lesson 1: A short history of Hangeul, and then 19 consonants.

More to come next Sunday!