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음악회/콘서트 Korean for concert

음악회…it literally means music society ^^

why 음악회?  because after last year’s K-Pop Night, and this year’s Super Show 3 (2 times, no less!), I just can’t get enough.  So I’m headed to this year’s Korean Music Wave!  I’m so looking forward to seeing FT Island, Big Bang and 2NE1 all on the same stage!  After last year’s K-Pop Night, I always regretted not listening to FT Island earlier, so this is my chance!!!

the logo’s p.d. cool too

Now my wishlist for live Korean groups and solos gets longer and longer…MC 몽 for one, 은지원 for another, or even better Clover! 지원’s new project group.  I’m totally taken by their sound and have been listening to the album endlessly.

So who’s going to fulfill my dream line-up?