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TOPIK or KLPT or not at all

My teacher brought up the topic of taking TOPIK exams this year again.  She’s quite in favour of us taking the exam this year, but probably the Basic levels one.  Not having done any research thus far, i decided to do a quick check and came across this amazingly detailed post comparing TOPIK and KLPT from

It’s probably time to think seriously about whether I want to continue with learning Korean.  If I do, which I think I really want to, I think the TOPIK exam is probably the direction to go in.  It seems to carry more weight than the KLPT, surprisingly, as Japan seems only to use the JLPT as the national gauge. Then again I could be wrong.

So, can anybody share more about taking the exams? Seems like it’s a pretty stressful, time-is-ticking kind of thing. Is that true? I’m quite bad at reading Korean very quickly, and worse at comprehension.