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Anybody Going for KTO’s Fun Korean Lesson Trip?

I was quite tempted by this “Fun Korean Lesson Trip” organised by KTO and Kyunghee University. It’s a 7-day trip that includes a homestay with a local Korean family and 5 half-days of Korean language lessons at Kyunghee.  The cost of the trip is about kRW 600,000, which is around S$600-700.  The link contains a write-up of the previous trip and it looks pretty fun.

I bumped into a friend who had taken a longer winter language course at Seoul National University.  She said the price is quite reasonable, considering homestay is included.  I was really planning to sign up for this 1-week course, especially since they have something going on in August, birthday month!, and I could do it as a birthday present to myself ^^  The thought of being able to be immersed in a Korean speaking community for a week sounds really quite fun, and I think it would be quite good for improving my Korean language.  And it’s Kyunghee University too!  I’ve been wanting to go there for some time, although my most recent (and first) trip to Korea was too packed and I had no time to go.

But I think I won’t go for it this year, because a week in summer in Seoul might just kill me ^^  Also, just 5 half-days of Korean language is kind of neither here nor there.  It seems more suitable for more basic learners, or some who just wants the fun of the homestay, a few lessons, and a quick 5-day trip to Seoul.  I might just consider the longer 3-month course that the various universities offer, and give myself more time to do more research, as well as improve my Korean language to a level that can allow me to ‘face people’ ^^

Anyone who’s interested can check out the link for schedules or email for more information.  You can also check here for the application form or leave a comment for me, I’ll be more than happy to email it to you.




Korean Word of the Day: 키보드

Yup a new Korean word…well not really Korean, more of a borrowed English word, and new just to me.  All in celebration of my new keyboard.

My new keyboard

My new keyboard. It’s so pretty when lighted up ^^

I bought it in hopes that it’d be easier to type on (it is!) and that would encourage me to blog more this year.  Wish me luck!

and here’s the Korean WotD again: 키보드