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So What Exactly Does a Korean Notebook Look Like?

My Korean Language Notes

My Korean Language Notebook(s)

This is probably that ONE post in common among all the Korean language learning blogs out there, whether it’s students who self-study, web-study or classroom study.

I, for one, have not had a notebook specifically for taking notes during Korean class.  Which is surprising, considering the number of notebooks I buy a year.  The thing is, the textbooks from my community centre classes come with loads of white space. The pages are only printed on one side, leaving huge amounts of space for me to scribble on, so I’ve never really had to crack open a brand new notebook to start noting on.

But starting with the NUS Extension classes, and the Kyunghee textbooks they use, I’ve discovered a very urgent need for (a) a good notebook and (b) a very good method of taking notes.  Because, the Kyunghee textbook (not the workbook) has GLOSSY pages.  /me no like to write on glossy pages *glower*

The notebook on the left in the picture is something I tried to start some time late last year, but the effort petered out after a few pages.  The one on the right is the one I started for the NEX class.  Not sure how I should do it though, because there’s the textbook (which I don’t like to write on, so it means taking notes) and then there’s the workbook, which is normal (matte? acid-free?) paper, which means I can, and will, write in it.  But it’ll mean my notes are … all over the place!

For the moment, I think I’ll keep on with this notebook and use it as a “replacement” for the usual notes-in-my-textbook scribbles, so it’ll be vocabulary, new phrases, short example sentences etc that are introduced during the NEX class.  As for the community centre class, I’ll still continue to scribble in the white space provided.  for now.  until I come across something better.  when I’m more organized.  which is probably never.

Anybody out there taking more than one Korean language class? Do you keep more than one notebook?



A TOPIK, A Class and oh! A Class

I might have been feeling a biiit too ambitious last month. I’ve been with my current 선생님 at a community centre for a couple of years already, with a half-year break in between.  I’m finally done with Intermediate 2 with her again (it’s the second time I’m taking Inter 2 with her), and now moving on to Advanced 1.

Because it was the second time taking Inter 2, I think I got a bit too over-confident, and decided that I needed more immersion into 한극어 rather than just 1.5 hours a week.  So I registered with the Korean programme at NUS Extension, and had my first lesson 2 weeks ago.

dun-dun-dun I had no idea the teachers there went that fast.

My current community centre lessons go at a much more relaxed pace. 장선생님 is probably more conscious that the students there are working adults or are taking classes for recreation / pleasure, rather than studying seriously towards TOPIK certifications or for work reasons. So even at Intermediate 2, she still tries to translate at least 85% of the class into English.

Which is probably what lulled me into my sense of over-confidence. Because as compared, the one at NEX speeds along merrily for 2.5 hours, conducting most of the class in Korean, and some explanations in English.  I’m not complaining, this IS what I was looking for. It’s just that having been complacent for so long, (and having stopped watching K-dramas for almost 6 months), I find myself having to concentrate on listening harder and bringing myself back to the level I think I was at 6 months ago.  The other good, or bad, thing about NEX is that they expect a lot of self-study.  I can’t bring myself to class unprepared anymore and expect to understand more than two-thirds of what is going on.  I actually have to go through the material for next week, before even turning up.

So now, I’m registered for once-a-week 조급5 classes at NUS Extension, once-a-week Advanced 1 classes (which probably translates into NEX 조급6) at the community centre, and oh yes, did I not mention it? S-TOPIK 조급.

I also almost signed up for TOPIK revision lessons with 장선생님 (her classes are cheaper than those by SKS or NEX), but she couldn’t get enough students to start the class *phew*. So she’s suggested that she provide me with past test papers, and I’ll do them my own, and get them marked by her every week. Which means … 숙제 ㅔㅔㅔ !!!

Advanced 1 starts tomorrow, and (I’ve taken it once before, this time is revision) guess what 선생님 has promised us? More 숙제 ㅔㅔㅔ !!!  In fact she’s promised we’ll have to do some every week, instead of alternate weeks like back in Inter 2.

죽고 있는데! yay me!