The Big Day 한국어 능력 시험 제30회 초급

So the big day came…and went. I didn’t blog about it as the last 2 months have been crazy at work (and  I’d also been ‘busy’ being fixated on 2 korean medical dramas back-to-back).

한국어 능력 시험 제30회 초급 took place at the Singapore Korean School, which is located at a pretty hard-to-get-to location.  They do provide shuttle buses operating from a couple of convenient locations, but not having taken them before I decided to just make it there by cab.  Being very early on a Sunday morning, I made it with plenty of time to spare.

Things to note:

– If you’ve never been to the school before, give yourself some spare time to find your way around.  It’s small, but a lot of tests are taking place at the same time, and I didn’t think the maps or signages helped very well.

– Eat your breakfast beforehand, or at least drink your coffee at home. There’s no food available anywhere, just a couple of vending machines selling soft drinks. Well, at least this applies for Singapore, and for people who need breakfast in them.

Bring a jacket! This is THE most important point.  The basic test took place in the assembly hall, and all aircon units were on at full blast, probably to combat the number of people in there. But that Sunday morning turned out to be rather rainy, and the a/c was freezing.  Luckily they switched it off during the 듣기 section, so it felt a bit better.

– Be sure be sure be sure to take note of the time, especially in the first paper which consists of 어휘/문법and 쓰기. My brain was somehow blocked that morning and I kept thinking I had 2 hours, whereas the paper is only 1.5 hours. That meant that I left myself with only a bare 20mins to finish up the last, most important question in 쓰기 that carries the most marks.  *sigh*

– Don’t check answers, there’s not enough time. Be sure of your answer, mark it and move on.  Answers have to be ‘coloured’ using a marker, and to change answers, you’ll have to change the entire answer paper.  The paper was actually easier that I thought it would be, so I kept re-reading and checking myself, which led to that whole 2 hours instead of 1.5 hours fiasco.

So now comes 디-대이 or should it be R-day for results.  I doubt if I’ll fail, but I don’t think I’ll be getting that Level 2 pass after all.



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