I Love Parcels! Especially From Korea!

It’s here!


I love parcels! Especially from Korea!

I reblogged about the Lucky Draw Bonus Week from the twochois blog a few weeks back, and who knew, I was actually the lucky one who got it, the very first time I tried out for it.  I’ve been waiting eagerly for the book, and now it’s here!

As promised, I will do the book review for 서강 한국어 쓰기 1, but it won’t be this weekend.  Busy busy weekend coming up unfortunately.


1Choi and 2Choi hard at work shipping all over the world, as seen on their About Us page

But first, more about twochois.com. They are basically an e-commerce site set up by 2 sisters  whose family name is ‘Choi’ (they call themselves 1Choi and 2Choi, 귀여워요!) ^_^ As per their About Us page, they “understand the difficulties of payment processing in many of Korean online stores, so twoChois.com place orders on behalf of our customers and send items to their home.”

You can get Korean products two ways.  Firstly, by their selection: the twochois make a variety of Korea-published books (magazines, language textbooks, cooking books, stationery, even drama scripts!) available for purchase on their e-commerce site. I’ve already got a few in my shopping cart, just waiting for me to click ‘PAY’!

Secondly, if you have products you want to buy from other Korean online shopping sites, you can put in ‘special order requests’ with twochois. They’ll get everything calculated, so all you have to do is pay them, and they’ll get everything ordered and shipped to you!  So this is the “代購” method that I mentioned in my earlier post. I can’t find a specific translation into English or Korean for this word, but it’s a huge thing now with online shoppers who frequent China shopping sites.

Their site is set up really professionally too, so you really feel safe while shopping there. The 1st time I visited their site, I was really surprised that it could even detect my location, and listed all prices automatically in SGD! (Or is it already set up that way?)  Even if you don’t want to pay by credit card, you can still pay via Paypal too.  Shipping rates, polices, and refund rules are also listed very clearly.

The packages they send out are also very nicely and carefully wrapped.  Books are wrapped in thick plastic, and then in bubble wrap. Everything is placed nicely into the shipping carton and shipping labels were also clearly typed and labelled.  Even though my package was only through a lucky draw, I could tell a lot of care was taken with it.  I’m the type who loves my brand-new books and can’t even stand one little dog-ear on them (it’s a different story once I’ve had them for a while 😛), so this means a lot to me!

Ok, I’ve said a lot, but no review yet! It’ll be coming soon, I promise!  In the meantime, if you have anything you want to buy from Korea, go to Twochois.com! ^_^


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6 thoughts on “I Love Parcels! Especially From Korea!

  1. twochois June 14, 2013 at 12:14 am Reply

    Wow- Thanks for the detailed explanation about us. You know about our store well. 🙂
    저희가 노력하고 있다는 걸 알아주셔서 너무 기쁘고 감사해요.
    Please post a review when you had enough time to use the book. ^^

    • nicthegeek June 14, 2013 at 10:19 am Reply

      ㅋㅋ yup, hope I can do a good job for the review!

  2. twochois June 14, 2013 at 12:15 am Reply

    Reblogged this on twoChois and commented:
    The winner of bonus lucky draw received our book. 🙂

  3. klearner June 14, 2013 at 3:57 am Reply

    oh we’re the same ^^ i won one on my first try too. Its unbelievable. haha anyways 축하해요! ^^

    • nicthegeek June 14, 2013 at 10:18 am Reply

      You too! 축하해요! Waiting for your review and good luck for your exams!

  4. […] so finally here’s the long overdue review.  I wanted to do it last weekend, but the weather was just unbearably hot (we had a terrible smoky […]

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